For many of us, bras are a necessary part of everyday life. But when your bra just isn’t up to the task, it can leave you feeling less than supported, maybe even causing you pain, and it happens to the best of us. We asked some of our favorite curvy women if they could recall a specific bra fail story of their own, and they didn’t disappoint. Read their stories below!

Bras That Bruise

I have never been a fan of bras that are too tight but when I am in a pinch and need a bra that is a certain color to match something I am wearing, I will buckle down and wear it. For context, I am also on blood thinners for my chronic illness. So I get my outfit on with my bra that is definitely too tight and not at all comfortable and I go to work. It was a busy day so I didn't even notice the pain in my back from the bra being too tight. I got home from work and went to shower and change and that is when I discovered the bra being too tight had left my back covered in bruises! Not a fun experience and you can bet your bottom dollar I wore a Glamorise bra the next day to redeem myself of some comfort I had lost the previous day!

- Sam Hostetter - Curve Model @samhostetter_

Full Coverage Fail

On HIIT workout days I always have to make a conscious effort to save my good support bras for the occasion. Well on a trip out of town to NYC, I packed cute bras instead of more durable ones. While I was working out in the hotel gym, I had a little slip while running on the treadmill. I embarrassingly hoped that the camera angle in the gym didn’t catch that peep show! I have since incorporated packing durable bras and workout outfits even on vacations and trips.

- Tatyana Jalisa - Writer & Blogger @tatyanajalisa

Comfort Comes First

I love Glamorise more than any other brand. I had a hard time finding bras that don't leave a mark on my shoulders and hurt under the boobs. When I sit, the wires of other bras chafe really bad my skin under the boobs and I get red bumps. My skin is very sensitive so it feels like TORTURE! With Glamorise bras, it doesn't hurt my under-boob as much, and I don't feel I'm wearing a corset that can't make me breathe. It’s so worth it to feel comfortable with a bra like Glamorise rather than a bra hurting my skin, under boob, and shoulders.

- Manon Berryman - Influencer & CEO @manonmedwards

Concluding Thoughts

Bra fails happen to the best of us, and can strike when you least expect it. If you’re in need of a bra that actually fits and won’t fail you when you need it most, check out our complete collection of comfortably supportive bras. Having a great-fitting, quality bra is crucial for avoiding any embarrassing (or even painful!) fit mishaps. If you’d like some personalized recommendations, our Bra Finder Quiz can help you find your perfect fit.

Author: Maeve Gesualdi
Last updated on: 4/19/22
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