Like all bra types, full coverage styles come in a range of fits and support levels. These bras are popular amongst many women but are especially great for those with larger breasts as they offer modest coverage and support for everyday wear. We cover all of your questions about full coverage bras here. Keep reading below for our definitive buying guide to full coverage bras.

Here is what we will answer in this guide.

What is a full coverage bra?

By definition, a full coverage bra is a bra with high-cut cups that provide modest coverage and show no cleavage. These bras are a popular option amongst women with larger chests, as well as women who prefer modesty.

Who should wear a full coverage bra?

Women with large breasts can benefit from wearing a full coverage bra, but they are a great option for anyone looking for modest coverage and a no-show fit.

How should a full coverage bra fit?

Like any other bra style, having the proper fit for a full coverage bra is crucial to getting the support you need. You should look out for these three things when checking for a proper fit:

  • Make sure your cups aren’t gapping or spilling. There should be no gapping or spillage in the cups of your bra. Each cup should individually encapsulate each breast. If you are experiencing gapping on the top of the cups, you likely need a smaller cup size. On the other hand, if your breasts are spilling out of the tops or sides of the cups, you probably need a bigger cup size.
  • Make sure the band isn’t riding up or digging in. If your bra band doesn’t sit just below your shoulder blades and is riding up in the back, it’s probably too big. You can adjust the fit of your band by adjusting to a tighter setting on your bra’s hook-and-eye closure. If that doesn’t help keep the band in place, you might need a smaller band size. Separately, if your band feels uncomfortably tight or is digging in on your sides or chest, you might need to size up.
  • Make sure the straps aren’t slipping or digging in. Your bra straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders without slipping off or digging in. Both can be a sign that you’re wearing the wrong bra size. If your cups are too big, this can cause your straps to sit too wide and slip off your shoulders. If your band is too big, your straps can dig into your shoulders.

What is the difference between a full figure vs a full coverage bra?

A full figure bra by definition is one designed to provide ample comfort and support for women with large breasts. Full figure bras are often full coverage by design, but the two can be mutually exclusive as well. Not every full coverage bra is a full figure bra. There are full coverage bra styles designed for women of all bra sizes.

What is the difference between a T-shirt bra vs a full coverage bra?

A T-shirt bra is usually defined as a bra that has seamless, molded cups that creates a smooth look under clothing. A T-shirt bra can be full coverage, but again, not all full coverage bras are T-shirt bras.

What is the difference between a minimizer bra vs a full coverage bra?

A minimizer bra is a bra that redistributes breast tissue in a way that reduces the size and appearance of your breasts. Because of their purpose to provide coverage and reduce bust appearance, minimizer bras are usually full coverage by default, but not all full coverage bras are minimizers.

What is the difference between a demi bra vs a full coverage bra?

As opposed to a full coverage bra, a demi bra offers less coverage — about half to ¾ that of a full coverage style. These bras feature lower-cut half cups that angle inward to create more cleavage. Demi bras are best suited for women with smaller breasts, as women with larger breasts might deal with cup spillage out of this style, whereas a full coverage bra has cups that fully encapsulate each individual breast.

Do full coverage bras have side support?

Yes, certain full coverage bras have added side support panels. These panels contour the bust to provide shape and support. Added side support helps prevent cup spillage and creates more coverage all-around. Women with larger breasts can benefit from a bra with side support because these styles provide ample coverage for a comfortable fit.

Concluding Thoughts

Full coverage bras are a great option for women with larger breasts. These styles provide ample coverage, comfort, and support throughout the day. Glamorise’s collection of full coverage bras includes styles in band sizes 32 to 58 and cup sizes B through K. Find the perfect full coverage bra for you here.

Author: Maeve Gesualdi
Last updated on: 4/7/22

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