When it comes to searching for the perfect bra style for you, there are many things to consider. Whether it be an underwire or wireless bra, or a lightly lined or push up bra, you want a style that supports and lifts while also being comfortable enough to wear all day long. T-shirt bras are a great option for everyday wear because they're comfortable, supportive, and have seamless cups for a smooth fit under clothing. You can wear a T-shirt bra underneath anything for a no-show fit.

T-shirt bras tend to be a popular style amongst women of all bust sizes because they are comfortable for everyday wear and provide all-around smoothing support. Keep reading our complete buying guide to T-shirt bras below and how to find the best T-shirt bra for you. We cover all of your questions here, and give our recommendations for the best T-shirt styles to add to your wardrobe.

What are the best T-shirt bras?

Glamorise carries several T-shirt bra styles, including wireless, underwire, and front-closure styles. All of these seamless bras will provide the comfort and support you need and smooth look you want. Keep reading below for a breakdown of each style and see why these are the best bras for plus size women.

Most Comfortable & Supportive T-Shirt Bras

MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra

MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra

Price: $53

Review: 4.3/5 Stars

The MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra is the best T-shirt bra for large busts because it provides comfortable support. This classic T-shirt bra features buttery soft fabric and wireless cups for comfort. This bra features our signature MagicLift design with inner-bust bands in each cup that wirelessly lift and shape the bust. Plus, the soft cushioned straps adjust in the back, and the seamless cups create a smooth everyday look. Here is a close up image of the wide plush straps to show you just how comfortable they are on shoulders.

Here’s what women have said about the MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra:

“It's very comfortable. Very nice under T-shirts.” - Jo Ann B.

“I love how the T-shirt bra feels, nice and comfortable. Padded straps, cotton cups, nice band, and the straps didn’t fall down.” - Casey P.

“This bra is not only comfortable, it is also supportive.” - Pamela S.

“This bra is so amazing! I’ve tried many bras but this one has the best support and comfort that I have ever worn. The wide padded straps are such an added plus for anyone that’s tired of straps digging into their shoulders.” - Teresa B.

The MagicLit Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra is one of the best bras for plus size women. This full coverage bra comfortably supports band sizes 36 to 46 and cup sizes C through H. You can purchase this T-shirt bra from Glamorise, linked here.

Best T-Shirt Sports Bra

MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra

MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra

Price: $54

Review: 4.5/5 Stars

This seamless sports bra is the perfect all-day bra, as well as a great workout companion. This versatile T-shirt bra is supportive enough to keep you secure throughout your favorite workouts, but also provides comfortable wireless support for everyday. This T-shirt sports bra features molded cups that shape the bust. Plus, our signature MagicLift wireless design with inner-bust bands that provides lift and shape. The padded straps are soft on shoulders and a plush hook-and-eye closure adjusts to your fit in the back. This bra also features a two-way stretch back design that helps keep straps in place and prevents slipping. Here is a close-up image of the Two-Way Stretch Back. It is made of a soft, flexible material that moves with you.

t-shirt bra stretch band

Whether you're on the go or heading to your favorite workout class, this full coverage T-shirt bra is a comfortable option and supports sizes up to 50I. Here's why women love this T-shirt wireless bra:

“I use this as a regular daily bra, not a sports bra. It is comfortable enough for that.” - Lori B.

“This bra is perfect. I wear it everyday. I love the lift, comfort and look under my clothes.” - Dana M.

“There are so few bras which provide total support, look good in clothing, and feel comfortable — this bra covers all three.” - Christine S.

If you are searching for a bra that will support you from work to working out, look no further than the MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra. You can purchase this sports bra from Glamorise, linked here.

Best High Impact T-Shirt Bras

High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Price: $66

Review: 4.5/5 Stars

If you are a fan of higher-impact exercises, you likely need a sports bra that provides ample support. The High Impact Underwire Sports Bra from Glamorise is a great high-support option, as it features underwires that are cushioned for poke-free support. With seamless, non-stretch cups, adjustable straps, and a back hook-and-eye closure, this underwire T-shirt bra is a must-have for when you need the most support you can get. Plus, this underwire T-shirt bra comes in a wide size range and comfortably supports band sizes 32 to 46 and cup sizes B through H. Here's what our customers have said about this underwire T-shirt bra:

“I really like this underwire sports bra, it’s so comfortable and holds my boobs up really good.” - Amy Z.

“Finally a pretty and comfortable sports bra! I wear it even on days I'm not exercising.” - Joan L.

“Need full support? I do. These girls are heavy and this is the ONLY bra that supports them. It is the only bra I wear.” - Verified customer

For high support during your favorite workouts, or just for a smooth look under T-shirts, this high impact underwire bra is the perfect pick. Shop this underwire bra from Glamorise here.

Best Racerback T-Shirt Bra

Front-Closure Smoothing WonderWire Bra

Front-Closure Smoothing WonderWire Bra

Price: $58

Review: 4.4/5 Stars

If you're searching for a T-shirt bra with racerback style straps, look no further than the Front-Closure Smoothing WonderWire Bra. Though this bra has thin seams across the cups, the smoothing, stretchy fabric and wide racerback make for a smooth fit underneath thicker clothing. This bra also has contoured underwire cups with underwires that are cushioned to prevent them from poking or pinching you. The easy-to-reach snap front clasp, adjustable straps, and ultra smooth fabric also make this style a comfortable everyday bra. Here's why this T-shirt style is a favorite bra amongst our customers:

"42G. Has been my go to bra for everyday wear. No other bra gives me the all day support for my busy life." - Courtney C.

"Fits like a glove and so comfortable." - Vicki P.

"The racerback keeps everything in place No more constant adjustment. The cups hold everything in place and looks good under lightweight materials." - Mel

"This is the only bra I wear now." - Brenda S.

T-Shirt Bras Frequently Asked Questions

What are T-shirt bras?

By definition, T-shirt bras are bras that have seamless cups that create a smooth look underneath any top. These bras are an everyday essential for many women as they provide a no-show fit underneath form-fitting clothing.

T-shirt bras can either have underwires for added support or have wireless cups. It simply comes down to personal preference on what support level you look for in a bra and what works for you. Either way, T-shirt bras are a comfortable everyday style.

What are T-shirt bras good for?

A T-shirt bra is the perfect style for comfortable everyday wear. If you prefer a no-frills, seamless look, T-shirt bras are a great option as they will not be visible underneath your clothing. There are T-shirt bras designed for comfortable day-to-day support, as well as T-shirt sports bras that provide higher-impact support during exercise while still featuring seamless cups for a no-show fit.

Do T-shirt bras have padding?

T-shirt bras can have padding, but they are not always padded. Most T-shirt bras are unpadded, but you can also opt for a lightly lined bra if you prefer modest coverage. There are also T-shirt bras with thicker, push-up padding for women who prefer to have added lift. However, all Glamorise T-shirt bras are unpadded.

Do T-shirt bras have underwire?

Some T-shirt bras do have underwires, but not all T-shirt bras do. There are many wireless T-shirt bra styles. It comes down to personal preference on whether you prefer wireless or underwire bras. The High Impact Underwire Sports Bra from Glamorise is a seamless T-shirt style that has the added support of a cushioned underwire. For women who prefer a more supportive bra, an underwire T-shirt bra like this one is a great option.

Are T-shirt bras supportive?

Yes, T-shirt bras are supportive! Whether you prefer the added support underwires provide or like to go wireless, all T-shirt bra styles offer ample support for everyday wear. Like any bra style, having the perfect fit is crucial to having a supportive bra. If you need to confirm your bra size, we recommend using Glamorise’s measuring guide and Bra Size Calculator to do so in just three easy steps.

Are T-shirt bras full coverage?

There are both full coverage T-shirt bras and plunge T-shirt bras. It depends on the style whether or not a T-shirt bra is full coverage. Whether or not you prefer a lower-cut or full coverage T-shirt bra comes down to personal preference. Glamorise carries three T-shirt bras that are all full coverage.

Are T-shirt bras the same as push-up bras?

Push-up bras can be T-shirt bras, but not all T-shirt bras are push-up bras. T-shirt bras come in a range of padding and support levels. All 3 of Glamorise’s T-shirt bras are unpadded but provide lift and support to accentuate your natural shape.

Are T-shirt bras good for large breasts?

Yes, T-shirt bras are a great option for women of all bust sizes. Glamorise T-shirt bras comfortably support sizes up to I cup. A T-shirt bra will provide ample lift and support for large breasts and offer a comfortable fit all day long.

What is the difference between T-shirt bra and normal bra?

A T-shirt bra is a normal bra. There are many different types of bras, and a T-shirt bra is a popular everyday bra style for many women. T-shirt bras can be unpadded, lightly lined, or push up bras. If you prefer a bra with lacier cups or a sports bra, look elsewhere than T-shirt bras. All T-shirt bras are normal bras, but not every bra is a T-shirt bra.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive bra, a T-shirt bra is a great option. With seamless cups that create a smooth look under any top, these versatile bras are perfect for both everyday wear or for your favorite workouts.

Whether you prefer a wireless bra or underwire bra, Glamorise carries several versatile T-shirt bras to choose from that accommodate band sizes 32 to 58 and band sizes B through I. You can browse Glamorise’s T-shirt bra collection here.

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