Over on Team Front Close we have the curvy girls who swear by the convenience, comfort and versatility of their best front-closure bras. On team Back Close, we have all the full-figured ladies who have sworn off any sort of front-open bra, worried about wardrobe malfunctions from clasps not up to the job. Here’s what you need to know about both to bring your A-game no matter what team you’re on.

3 Advantages of Team Front-Close Bras

Whether for easy-of-access or more versatile neckline options, front-hook bras for plus-size women are gaining ground as a key wardrobe staple. Not sold? Consider this:

1. Front Hooks are Easier to Put on

If you’ve ever struggled to finagle that back hook-and-eye closure or been stuck mid-twist trying to wiggle out of a pullover bra, you know what a godsend front-open bras are for any cup size. But especially for those of us blessed with bigger chests or dealing with shoulder mobility issues, plus-size front-open bras make life that much easier.

2. They Give Your More Wardrobe Options

Pull out those plunging-V necklines and racerback tanks! Because front-clasp bras typically have lower center panels, they’re less likely to make an unwanted appearance beneath lower necklines. And having the closure in front means you can opt for bras with more back varieties, like racerbacks, T-backs or allover lace backs.

3. Front-Closure Bras are Smoother in Back

Front-clasp bras tend to create a smoother silhouette with fewer lines or bumps — a must under clingy or form-fitting fabrics. Plus, without hook-and-eye hardware in the back, they can be more comfortable against the skin, especially if you’re leaning against a chair with a rigid back all day.

3 Advantages of Team Black-Close Bras

Black-close bras are the conventional choice for most women. They’re tried-and-true support and adjustability keep them on constant rotation in curvy women’s closets for good reason.

1. They Give More Center Support

Typically, the center gore on back-close bras is taller and a bit sturdier, providing a little extra support and separation for your girls up front. Plus, there’s less will-my-clasp-come-undone worry that can come with front-close bras (especially ones that don’t fit right).

2. They’re Typically More Adjustable

Many plus-size bras that close in front have just one clasp, which means you can’t adjust the fit the same way you would with a back hook-and-eye closure that has multiple settings. However, several Glamorise front-close bras — like The Front Close Wire-Free Support Bra and All-Around Support Cushioned Bra — do have adjustable front closures because we like to stay ahead of the curve.

3. They Usually Last Longer

Because back-close bras have multiple hook-and-eye settings, they adjust to your band size over time — even if the bra stretches from normal wear and wash. You’ll end up replacing your front-clasp bra more frequently since it cannot adjust to compensate for stretch, and once your band is too loose, the bra loses its support.

A Winning Wardrobe Should Have Both

If the fit is right and the quality even better, we think you should be playing both sides. Together, front-closure support bras and back-closure bras make the dream team of wardrobe wins. For those of you new to Team Front Close, take a look below at a few fan-fave Glamorise front-closure bras to see what other curvy women are loving (and wearing) most.

Author: Katie Joy Blanksma
Last updated on: 8/12/21

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