More and more plus-size women are pushing the boundaries in sports (just take a look at ultra-runner Mirna Valerio for proof (and hella inspiration!). But is your plus-size sports bra keeping up?

They’ve been been a wardrobe basic since Glamorise invented the first sports bra in 1975 to support women getting not just into the spirit of the Tennis craze but onto the court. Through the ever-evolving world of sports technology, Glamorise sports bras have been at the forefront of plus-size fitness innovation.

Here’s how our sports bras are staying ahead of the competition (and helping you stay ahead of yours):

All the Bounce Control That Compression Alone Can’t Give You

Bounce control is a win for any bust size and workout intensity. But for too many full-busted women, compression bras are a total bust.

That’s because compression alone, which hugs the girls into the body so they’re closer to your center of gravity, isn’t always enough to keep them from moving with the momentum of your workout. Most sports bras on the market are compression only, which might be great if you’re an A or B cup but doesn’t cut it if you, like most American women hitting the gym, are a 36C or up.

Glamorise sports bras provide plus-size women with all the bounce control their fitness goals demand with a combination of compression and encapsulation which provides way more support and….

Goodbye, Uniboob. Hello, Shaping and Support.

Encapsulation sports bras not only provide more comfortable support but also help eliminate the uniboob look that most of us aren’t really going for in the gym. That’s because they hold in each boob individually with moisture-wicking inner cups that secure each side for better support and shape.

At Glamorise, you can choose between compression and encapsulation bras, or get you one that can do both.

Never Double Up Your Sports Bras Again

When compression-only doesn’t cut it, women have found creative ways to get the bounce control and support they need — most notably by layering sports bras or wearing a regular bra under their sports bra. No. Thank. You.

We think one sports bra should be enough to give you all the support you need. That’s why we pioneered plus-size sports bras that put compression in your control with an adjustable front panel layered over seamless cups for four different levels of custom bounce control.

Super-Secure Back Closure, No Pulling Over Required

Raise your hand if pulling a sports bra over your head post-sweat sesh feel like it burns more calories than working out. Sister, we’ve all been there.

Once you discover the ease of back-closure sports bras, you’ll never go back. We engineered Glamorise sports bras with adjustable back hook-and-closures as it’s as easy to get in and out of as your regular bra, but with a little added cushion to keep the closure from rubbing or pressing while you move.

Cushioned Straps That Adjust to Your Perfect Fit

Speaking of cushioned comfort, we made sure to cushion the straps of our plus-size sports bra and add back adjustments so you can fine-tune your fit. If your everyday bra is expected to support your girls without digging into your shoulders, shouldn’t your sports bra be able to do it, too? We think so!

Having a sports bra that actually supports you through any workout is a game changer for plus-size women. Not only does support and bounce control help reduce breast pain and potential damage, but it can also help you take on gymtimidation (and all the BS stereotypes that come with plus-size fitness) so you feel your confident best going to the gym in the first place.

Author: Katie Joy Blanksma
Last updated on: 8/12/21

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