No matter what your bra size or what you're wearing, you want the girls to look good. It’s not just about pulling off spaghetti straps or a halter; sometimes, you want to look great in a t-shirt, no bra-lines required.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to wear anything when you aren’t wearing the right bra and let’s face it, it can be even more challenging for those of us on the higher end of the cup size alphabet.

Don’t worry; there’s still a way you can wear whatever you want without having to worry about your bra peeking out to say hello. Here are some of the best bra styles for plus-sized ladies.

Tips Before you Buy

Before you even start looking for the proper type of bra, you should first consider a few things. The first is making sure you know your correct bra size. Band and cup size are crucial when it comes to finding the perfect fit, and if you don’t know your size, you can end up spilling out of your bra or feeling that uncomfortable pinch of a too-tight band riding up. With a proper fitting and bra sizing, you should be able to rock any bra you want.

Once you have your bra size, consider what your personal pain points are. Everyone’s breasts are different: different shapes, different sizes, different weights, and different problems. A bra that works for you, might not work for your best friend. Find out where your comfort zone is.

Do you need more support for your back? Do you prefer a little lift? Does your wardrobe consist of tank tops and strapless everything? Whatever your zone, you can still do you.

The key is to find a bra that fits like a glove and matches your style as well as your wardrobe. We have a little something here for everyone with the top six types of bras for plus size women.

1. Underwire Bra

For those girls who need a little extra support in the cup, the underwire bra is for you. Sometimes your breasts might need a lift and buying an underwire bra can be just the ticket. It provides shape and support to your cup, so no matter your breast shape.

This is especially great for busty girls, and plenty of bra types come with an underwire. However, it can be comfortable after a long period and if you don’t size properly, it can dig into your skin. Just find the right fit, and this could be the bra-type for you.

2. Wire-free Bra

If the underwire isn’t your style, you can go wire-free! There are several types including an illusion underwire bra, a bra that has the lift and support of an underwire but without the wire, or the wire-free bras.

Wire-free will spare you the pinch of the underwire, however, to get the same support, you may find the straps are a bit thicker and the cup sizes can be fuller. They can also be a little shapeless, which might not be what you’re looking for. While they do come in all sizes, you may not find the support you need here.

3. Convertible Strapless

Have a crop top or a tank top with funky straps? Well, no worries, the strapless bra has your back and your breasts. Strapless bras have come a long way, so busty girls can rejoice with these convertible designs.

These bras come with straps, and you can move them wherever your straps are or remove them altogether. The best part about these designs is that you can always re-fit them to your bra if you need the support.

What’s better is there are a few designs that offer clear straps if you absolutely need the strap boost. Still, if you don’t want to have any type of strap and you aren’t getting the support you need, a convertible strapless may not be the right fit.

4. Multi-Part Cup Bras

These bras are perfect for fuller breasts. With a layered design, you won’t find a more supportive bra than this one. These bras are excellent for lifting and separating, and what’s more, they often come in some pretty designs, so you aren’t just stuck with plain nude.

The strap size varies, so you can easily find one that won’t be seen underneath your tanks. Plus, even with a fuller cup, they won’t pop out of your V-neck either. The multi-panel design creates a killer silhouette and is the perfect blend of support, style, and comfort.

5. Bustier

Depending on your cup size, a convertible or strapless bra may not be the right fit. However, you might still want to get that strapless look. That’s where the bustier style bra comes in. These streamline, demi-cup bras offer much more than a simple strapless, especially if you have bigger breasts. A bustier can give your girls a boost with a little extra back support.

However, these bras are more full body. If you want to try this style out, be sure to get it fitted correctly, otherwise, a bustier could be extremely uncomfortable.

6. Long-line Bras

If you don’t want to go full-on bustier and straps aren’t your problem, consider a long-line bra. These longer than average bras can add some much-needed support on your shoulders and back. Plus, the right fit can have a slimming and smoothing effect too.

The long-line design provides more back support, and it creates a streamlined look so you can wear just about anything with it. Unfortunately, it may not be the best fit for ladies with short torsos.

The Best Bra is the One That Fits

Sure, these bras are all great for plus size women, but what everything really comes down to is fit. The proper fit is worth everything, and if you find the perfect bra with proper support, shape, and style, you’ve basically won.

The best thing for any girl looking for a great fit is to try different styles and see what works for you. With a proper fitting, you should be able to find a few bra styles that fit you perfectly. What are you waiting for? Find your fit and try some of these styles on for size.

About the Author

Maeve Gesualdi is a Fordham University alumna where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Fashion Studies. Based in New York City, Maeve is part of the marketing team at Glamorise. Maeve regularly interacts with customers via social media and product reviews, as well as with influencers and models. She is constantly getting feedback on our products as well as gaining a better understanding of what women in our category struggle with and/or look for when searching for a bra. Aside from writing, she is passionate about all things travel and fashion.

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