Any curvy girl who has worn the wrong bra size knows that breast pain and backaches are no joke. The solution seems simple: find the right bra size.

Easy, right? If only. Most women are walking around in an uncomfortable bra because measuring bra size correctly is just as much of a pain as being in the wrong size to begin with. (Plus, these common mistakes that a lot of us make when bra shopping.)

The Glamorise team is here to fix that and help every curvy woman find her most comfortable bra by sharing how to measure your bra size the right way. All you need is an unpadded bra, a flexible tape measure and these three steps to find your bra size right from home.

How to Find the Right Bra Size in 3 Steps

Sure, you could eye-ball it the next time you go bra shopping and hope for the best...OR you could be comfortable and feel supported all day, every day in plus-size bras that actually fit your body the way it is. To calculate your cup size, you need both your band and bust measurements. Once you have those measurements – band, bust and cup — you can find your bra size.

Step 1: How to Measure Your Band Size

While wearing your unpadded bra, wrap the tape measure around your back and under your arms so it’s snug — but not tight — all the way around the torso. Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor and sits just above your bustline. Round the results to the nearest whole even number.

Step 2: How to Measure Your Bust Size

Next, you need your bust size or the fullest part for your chest. Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part (usually right across the nipples). Again, keep it parallel to the floor, but this time it can be a little looser so you’re not squeezing your boobs.

Step 3: How to Measure Cup Size

To determine your cup size, subtract the difference between the two measurements you just took (step 2 minus step 1). For example, if your band is 44 inches and your bust size is 47 inches, subtract 47 minus 44 to get three. The number you get, in this example three, corresponds to the letter “C” in the alphabet and your cup size. Or, you can let our bra size calculator do the math for you.

Now You Can Calculate the Right Bra Size

The band size measurement you took combined with your cup size gives you your bra size. The example above would be a 44C — band size combined with the cup size calculation. This is a good place to start to determine your bra size, but keep in mind bra sizing across brands can vary, making it that much trickier to really know your bra size when digging through racks of different brands.

Our size calculator can help you find the right Glamorise bra for you. You could say fit and comfort in plus-size bras is or thing – we’ve been focused on the best bras for curvy women for nearly a hundred years now. If you’re still unsure about your bra size or what bra is best for your lifestyle and wardrobe, we’ve got a lot more fit tips and bra style guides to help you on your journey to bra bliss with the best-fitting, most comfortable plus-size bras.

Author: Katie Joy Blanksma
Last updated on: 8/12/21

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