Her message on and off the mat is clear: Yoga is for every body. And her mission to amplify that message is anchored in her core values of inclusion, accessibility and body positivity.

We can’t think of a better body hero to share with the Glamorise community than Dana Falsetti— yogi, teacher, thought leader and our forever Curvy Crush.

Dana Falsetti is Talking the Self-Love Talk & Walking the Walk

Every so often you meet someone (either IRL or in the social media world) who is so unapologetically and contagiously themselves that their attitude has a ripple effect far beyond them, inspiring everyone they meet to live a little braver and love a little harder.

That’s how we felt when we first discovered Falsetti. Through her own personal journey with yoga and as a yoga teacher, writer and public speaker, she’s empowering other women to resist body-shaming stereotypes and embrace their bodies as powerful and worthy.

From being terrified of her first-ever yoga class to becoming an admired yoga instructor, Falsetti’s yoga practice has been a radical act of self-love. By sticking with her practice and claiming her space in the studio, Falsetti defied false body assumptions and showed the yoga community at large that all bodies belong and deserve access.

Her commitment to improving her own practice as much as her transparency in sharing the process with honesty and authenticity earned Falsetti not just a social media following but a truly inspired community.

Building Community & Accessibility Through Donation-Based Yoga

But, of course, this yogi’s journey didn’t stop there. After working as a yoga instructor in different studios, Falsetti recognized a harmful pattern: yoga studios weren’t always an accessible space for larger bodies or differently-abled bodies to learn confidently and comfortably.

Her yoga journey took a turn toward social justice when Falsetti decided to do her own thing and start a pay-what-you-can online yoga studio that focused on making yoga truly accessible to everyone.

Whether new to yoga or wanting to go deeper into the practice, her online classes — all fully captioned for even greater inclusion — range from breakdowns of beginning poses and 15-minute stretches to deep-diving into the philosophy behind the practice and 45-minute flows.

By breaking down financial barriers as much as body-shaming stereotypes, Falsetti is taking yoga to a new plane of inclusion, awareness and ahimsa, the Sanskrit principle of non-violence and non-harm that guides much of her practice on and off the mat.

What’s Next for Dana Falsetti?

Not surprising, Falsetti has more in the works to support her plus-size yoga community. According to her Instagram and website, growth and changes are on the way to expand her online studio to include more teachers and bring more yoga to every body.

We can’t wait to see what this next-wave yogi is bringing to plus-size fitness with this next chapter, but until then we’ll be donning our fave low-impact Glamorise sports bras for getting into down dog and yoga-ing our way through her current video library.

Author: Katie Joy Blanksma
Last updated on: 8/12/21

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