There are so many choices when buying a bra, it can be overwhelming. For curvy women, fit and function are more important, but not always used within the more fashionable styles.

Must you settle for a less attractive bra that is shaping and supportive, or sacrifice comfort for something fashionable? When you know which features to look for you can find the right bra that fits you perfectly and looks great too!

1. Workmanship and Quality

Bras are more complicated to make than most people realize, especially bras for curvy women. Well made plus size bras should have great support, last longer and most importantly, fit better.

They also should smooth and shape your figure to make you look your best. The construction is as important as the style meaning that the materials and the placement of the hardware is crucial to both comfort and function. Make sure the seams are neat and there are no loose threads.

2. Support

Remember, when you feel secure and comfortable you also look better, your clothes fit better, and you can stand taller and more confident. Factors that contribute to support are cup design, material quality and placement, well made shoulder straps, bottom band, and placement of wires or fabric support in wireless bras. Wider sides and back also add more support and reduce bulging.

3. Materials

It is easy to get tempted by great looks alone, but don’t stop there. The feel and function of fabrics can make all the difference in the world.

High quality fabrics can be beautiful and also last longer and better quality lace can be softer yet supportive while adding more sophisticated touches. Think about the right amount of elastic: too much stretch and there will be no support, not enough and the bra will be restrictive. Breathable fabrics are more comfortable, better for your skin, and help avoid odor.

4. The Straps

Typical shoulder straps are not equipped to carry the weight of heavy breasts and can dig into your shoulders. Wider straps bear more of the weight helping to alleviate shoulder strain. More surface area also prevents straps from digging into your skin. Some straps have extra padding for even more comfort.

5. Wire or Wire-free?

Wires can add shape and definition but can also be a great source of pain, especially if they poke and dig into your skin. This happens when the wires are not padded or placed properly into the garment.

Notice the shape and height of the wire: does the shape match your body? Is the height in the center and underarm right for you? These two factors are crucial to how a wire bra will fit and feel.

Remember, there are also many beautiful wire-free options that are great for curvy figures. The best, wire-free designs tend to use underbust slings, soft channeling around the bust, or other shaping devices to shape just like a wire, but with much more comfort and fit forgiveness.

6. Price

A great fitting plus size bra is not a luxury, but a requirement. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better quality.

On the other hand less expensive brands often cut their costs with lower quality materials and poor workmanship. Once you know what to look for you can decide what is worth paying for.

A higher quality product is a smart investment. It fits beautifully, offers enough support to protect your back, helps avoid shoulder pain, looks great and lasts longer.

You may have to try several styles to find what works best for you, but remember that there is a bra out there that will fit like it’s made just for you. It might cost more, but feeling and looking your best is worth every penny!

Check out our list of best bras for plus size women to find the styles we recommend.

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