How do you keep bra straps from falling down? It’s a question that has been asked by almost every woman at some point in time.

Constantly adjusting your straps or putting them back into place is just plain annoying. Why does it happen?

We’ll take a look at some of the most common causes and their solutions so that you can make slipping straps a thing of the past.

racerback bra is a great cure for falling bra straps

What does it mean if your straps slip off your shoulders all the time?

Straps that slip frequently can have a couple of different causes:

  1. You have narrow or sloped shoulders. Unfortunately having narrow or sloped shoulders makes your straps more prone to slipping. This can be solved by wearing a bra where the straps are set a bit closer together like a racerback bra.
  2. Your straps are too loose. Straps will stretch over time and with washing so you’ll need to adjust them when you first buy your bra and occasionally as you wear it. They should be tight enough that you can slip two fingers snuggly underneath. If you can easily move them or fit more than two fingers it means that your straps are too loose.
  3. Your band is too big, or you’re wearing an expander. This sets the straps apart further than they’re meant to be which might not cause an issue for some people, but if your shoulders slope or are narrow it may cause your straps to slip off. The best thing to do is to buy a band in your correct size. A band that’s too big also tends to ride up in the back which leaves your straps loose and more prone to slip down.
  4. You’re wearing the wrong style. Not every style works for every body type. As we mentioned, narrow shoulders do better in styles that have the straps set a bit closer together. In addition to a racerback style bra, plunge styles have straps that are closer to the neck. Also, bras with convertible straps work well for narrow shoulders as you can crisscross them to prevent them from slipping down.
  5. Your bra is too old. Once a bra has stretched too much and the elastic is worn, it’s time to get rid of it. The elastic can wear faster if you don’t properly wash or dry your bra. This means hand washing in cool water and allowing it to air dry by either laying it flat on a drying rack or hanging it. If you do hang it, don’t hang it by the straps to prevent them from stretching. If you’re on the tightest hook of your bra band or if the straps will keep stretching no matter how often you tighten them, it’s time to call time of death and get a new bra.

Does a thick strap stay in place better?

If your bra is the right size, yes. The reason that wide straps stay in place better than thin straps is that the weight of your breasts is distributed over a larger surface with a wide strap.

More even weight distribution means that your straps will stay in place. Wide straps are also more comfortable for women with heavy breasts for this same reason.

How to keep spaghetti straps from falling down?

One trick to keeping spaghetti straps in their place is to use double-sided tape or fashion tape. Fashion tape is a clear adhesive that will stick to your skin.

Place it where you want the straps to stay and then stick the straps to it. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before using it. It’s also great to use on shirts or blouses with low necklines.

How do you wear bra strap retainers?

A bra strap retainer is great to use if you’re wearing something sleeveless and want to keep your straps in place.

They are straps of silk ribbon that go around the bra strap and snap together, creating a loop with the strap in the middle. The ribbon is then attached to the shoulder of the garment with a safety pin.

How do you use bra clips?

A bra clip is great to use if you have narrow or sloping shoulders. It will turn the straps into more of a racerback and bring them closer to the neck. They’re also great if you’re wearing a sleeveless top and want to make sure that your straps don’t peek out.

The bra clips come in a variety of colors and shapes and are very affordable. In order to put it on you should first loosen your bra straps a bit as the clip will make them tighter. Just slide the clip onto one strap, then attach it to the other strap.

If you’re doing this on your own it may take a bit of practice the first time but then you’ll get the hang of it.

Why Do My Bra Straps Keep Falling Down? We’re Here to Help

Using a bra strap holder

A bra strap holder does the same job as a bra clip but it’s usually made of elastic and adjustable, like a bra strap. These allow you to customize how far in you want your straps to go, unlike a bra clip.

Concluding thoughts

If you’re suffering from bra straps that just won’t stay in place, we’ve explained why it may be happening and what you can do to fix it.

Remember, there’s no substitute for a bra that fits well, so use that as a jumping-off point and go from there.

If you need help figuring out your bra size take a look at our bra fit guide for a complete how-to. Also check out these five common bra mistakes to avoid.

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