Many women either unknowingly wear the wrong bra size or haven't had their bra size measured in years. Whether you have never had professional bra fitting, don't know how to measure your size, or haven't bought new bras in several years, there is no better time to remeasure your bra size. Your bra measurement from buying your first bra at Victoria's Secret might no longer be the best fit for you!

Because bra sizing can also vary between brands, and there is no foolproof one-size-fits-all size guide, having your bra size measured is crucial.

Keep reading below for our complete guide to professional bra fittings, how to find a good bra fitter, and ultimately find the right bra for you.

Why Get a Professional Bra Fitting?

You're not sure what size you wear

If you have never been professionally measured before, you may not know your proper bra size. Or maybe you only wear sports bras or bralettes in generic small, medium, or large sizing. Remeasuring your bra size is crucial to finding the best bra fit.

Your bras are uncomfortable or cause pain

If you are having trouble with bra fit, maybe your bust is spilling over your cups or your band feels too loose, your bra will not be a comfortable fit. This is your sign to get fitted. A bra that is uncomfortable may even cause pain or irritation. This is the last thing you want from your bra.

Your bras are not supportive

If your bra does not fit properly, it likely will not provide the support you need. Having the perfect bra fit is crucial to having a supportive bra.

Where to Get a Professional Bra Fitting

How to Measure Your Bra Size Online

It comes as no surprise that, like most things, you can have your bra size measured online. Or at least, find all the tools and guides you need online to measure your bra size yourself.

Glamorise has its own bra size measurement guide and that walks you through how to take your bust and band measurements to find your size. All you need is a measuring tape and once you have your two measurements, simply plug them into our Bra Size Calculator to determine your bra size.

Department Stores & Lingerie Boutiques

If you prefer to have your bra fitting done by a professional, look to department stores in your vicinity or your local lingerie boutique.

How to Find a Good Bra Fitter

Ask for Recommendations

Ask around to your friends and family to learn about their experiences. Whether they have had good or bad experiences can inform your decision on where to get your bra size measured.

Read Online Reviews

Like anything these days, you will be able to find ample reviews online about businesses near you and their bra fitting services. Reading online reviews gives you access to firsthand accounts from other women who have gotten their bra size measured at stores near you.

Visit the Store & Speak to the Bra Fitter

If you have any pressing questions or want to learn more, visiting the store and speaking with the staff is your best bet. They will walk you through the process and make sure you are comfortable.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Bra Fitting

Be Prepared to Spend Some Time

Bra shopping can be time consuming! Taking a decent amount of time to get fitted and try on different styles is important to finding your perfect fit. No one bra will work for every woman, so trying on many different options before settling on your new bra is crucial. This will likely take some time, but it's worth it in the end to have the perfect bra.

Be Honest with the Bra Fitter

If the bra fitter takes your measurements and recommends a certain size, but once you try it on the bra does not fit well, let them know! Their job is to help you find the perfect bra for you. If a bra they puts you in is fit snug or doesn't feel just right, speak up and they will make the proper adjustments for a better fit.

Try on Different Sizes and Styles

Trying on a vast selection of sizes and bra styles is crucial. How will you know what bra works best for you if you don't try on different styles first? A good lingerie store will stock a wide array of styles so you can find the best bras for you. Your new favorite bra is just a few try-ons away!

Ask Questions

Don't be too shy to ask questions! Professional bra fitters are there to help you find your best fit. Asking questions and sharing your thoughts is the best way for them to learn what lingerie you like wearing and help you find your new perfect bra.


Like any other piece of clothing, wearing bras that fit properly is crucial to being comfortable. A good-fitting bra is an instant confidence boost, and also ensure that your breasts are properly supported.

If you have not taken your bra measurements in several years, it's time to remeasure to find your perfect fit. Head to your local department store or lingerie boutique and have a professional fitting done, or grab a tape measure and find your bra fit at home. Knowing your best size is imperative to having the proper bra fit. It's worth it!

About the Author

Maeve Gesualdi is a Fordham University alumna where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Fashion Studies. Based in New York City, Maeve is part of the marketing team at Glamorise. Maeve regularly interacts with customers via social media and product reviews, as well as with influencers and models. She is constantly getting feedback on our products as well as gaining a better understanding of what women in our category struggle with and/or look for when searching for a bra. Aside from writing, she is passionate about all things travel and fashion.

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