Even though all women are beautiful, no matter their size, the terms “full support,” “full-size,” and “plus-size” tend to have a negative connotation. This is made more challenging when these terms are all used interchangeably, making smaller girls feel larger than they may be, and plus-size girls think they are somehow less than others.

It’s this negativity that leads to most women wearing the incorrect bra size. Full support bras for plus-size women tend to be a bit of a gray area because of this confusion, and it’s time that it’s cleared up.

Top Benefits of Full Support Bras for Plus-Size Women

Is There a Difference Between Plus-Size and Full-Figure Bras?

One of the most significant controversies in the undergarment world is the difference between a plus-size bra and a full-figure bra. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, they are two different types of bras.

Their differences come down not only to the size of your cup but your band as well.

  • Full-figure bras: The size of the cup defines these bras. If a woman has a cup size of D or greater, then they require a full-figure bra.
  • Plus-size bra: These bras, on the other hand, are defined by the size of the cup and the band measurement around the under-bust. If a woman requires a D cup bra and a band measurement greater than 40, they are considered in the plus-size range.

This means that a woman could require a full-figure bra without being plus-size. Alternatively, that also means they may need both a full-figure and plus-size bra. For example, if someone is a size 42D, they require a full-figure and a plus-size bra, while a woman with a 34DD requires a full-figure bra.

Plus-Size and Full-Figure Can Go Hand in Hand Beautifully

Since the terms “full-figure” and “plus-size” are used synonymously, many women have given both terms a negative connotation. They assume that if you’re a full-figured woman or a plus-size woman, you are stuck with the plainest jane options for your bras and undergarments.

Both full-figured and plus-size women can and should feel beautiful in their skin. This is why more lingerie manufacturers are finally designing and producing a greater array of options for women of all sizes, including:

They now also come in more excellent colors/designs, with adjustable straps and better support.

What is a Full-Support Bra?

Now that we’ve established the differences between a full-size and plus-size bra, where do full-support bras fit into the picture?

A full-support bra provides all the support and coverage a woman needs to keep her breasts lifted and covered. That means there is no bulging around the band, no breast tissue spilling out over the top or sides of the cup, etc. It also provides enough lift to keep your breasts from sagging.

Your Wardrobe Will Fit Seamlessly

2 Significant Benefits of Full-Support Bras for Plus-Size Women

When a bra fits right, you feel so much better. Not only are they more comfortable, but they can also feel as if you are wearing nothing at all.

Aside from feeling better about yourself, there are many other reasons full-support bras for plus-size women are an absolute must, including:

1. The Right Support Can Relieve Body Aches

One of the most common complaints you’ll hear from women with larger breasts is their neck and back hurt.

Experts say that a pair of D-cup breasts can weigh anywhere between 15 and 23 lbs. That added weight can contribute significantly to neck and back pain if you aren’t maintaining proper posture.

Unfortunately, many women with larger breasts tend to hunch forward more. With a full-support bra, plus-size women can improve their posture by taking some of that weight off their chest and supporting it with proper padding or underwire.

2. Your Wardrobe Will Fit Seamlessly

Thanks to the added coverage provided by full-support bras for plus-size women, your outfits are going to fit much better over your body’s curves.

These bras tend to smooth out those extra rolls that make most women avoid tight-fitting outfits, allowing them to expand their wardrobe without worrying about seams, rolls, etc.

Your Wardrobe Will Fit Seamlessly

Get the Right Full-Support Bra with Glamorise

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the perfect front closure bra, the best plus-size sports bras, or finding the ideal fit for your body – Glamorise can help.

We know that you want to shine like the star that you are, which is why we provide the best selection of full-support, full-figure, and plus-size bras we can. Whether you need support while at the gym or want to put on a little something sexy—we’ve got you covered.

Check out our bra size calculator today to find the perfect fit for you!

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