Research suggests that the more you practice self-care, the more confident, creative and productive you are. But what do plus-size bras have to do with self-care?

Your bra may be a small part of your wardrobe, but it has a big impact on your health and happiness. In a world of #SelfcareSundays, self-love manifests in a myriad of treat-yourself ways from morning yoga and spa days to wearing red lipstick just because.

Yet, when it comes to our underpinnings, too many of us have a love/hate relationship with our bras instead of a love/self-love one. A supportive plus-size bra can make all the difference in happiness, confidence and comfort — and isn’t that truly an act of real self-care? Here’s how your bra can help you redefine self-care staring right now.

1. Your Bra is an Investment in Yourself

Just like your favorite red lipstick, getting a massage after a hard week or balancing healthy foods with satisfying sweets, your bra is about caring for your body as much as treating yourself. And when you invest in a quality, well-made bra that actually fits and supports your curves, you’re investing in your own well-being every single day. Now that’s self-care for the real world, not just the ‘gram.

2. Better Support Can Relieve Back Pain

Those of us carrying around larger cup sizes know just how real back pain from holding up the girls gets. Without a properly supportive plus-size bra, our backs compensate to help carry the weight which can take a toll on posture and cause shoulders to roll in.

The right-fitting bra can give your back a break by taking a load off. Remember, 90% of a bra’s support comes from the band, not the straps. (Not sure you’re in the right band size? Our fit quiz can assist!)

3. Your Future Self Will Thank You

Now, there’s a place in every curvy girl’s wardrobe for flirty femme bralettes and peek-a-boo lacey numbers. But gravity catches up with the breast of us no matter our cup size.

Investing in the most comfortable bras for plus-size women now won’t just help prevent chronic back pain but also keep the girls higher for longer by slowing (but not stopping) gravity’s pull.

4. They Can Help You Love Your Body More

Your bra might be purely functional to get you through the workday pain-free or a form of self-expression designed to star in your next OOTD. Whether utility or luxury, a bra that fits your curves just-so can reaffirm your innate worthiness and curvy confidence with the perfect fit.

Plus, the right-fitting bra has a ripple effect of making everything else in your wardrobe fit and feel that much better, too — think of it as the foundation to your own personal body positivity movement.

5. YOU Define What Sexy Means

Bras run the historical gamut of personal to political. On one hand, they’re your most intimate pieces of clothing and self-expression.

On the other, they’ve been misused to send body-shaming messages, especially for plus-size women. With today’s body-positive and size-inclusive momentum, choosing a bra that gives you all the born-like-this feels is the new sexy.

That can be a basic T-shirt bra or a sheer lacey bra. Point is, sexy today is decided by you and for you, and THAT’S self-love at its finest.

6. Sports Bras Are a Curvy Girls Best Friend

It doesn’t matter if you’re jogging down the street, lifting weights at the gym or flowing through your vinyasa. Your sports bra is the holy grail of bounce-free support — which basically makes it the real-life embodiment of self-love.

Investing in a plus-size sports bra designed to give you the most bounce control will make your next sweat sesh that much more comfortable and productive.

7. Always Wear What Makes You Happy

The most important act of self-care is choosing what makes you happy — whether that’s what you do, what you eat or what you wear. They may not be a mind-opening 10-minute meditation or another note in your gratitude journal, but plus-size bras are with you in real life every single day.

Instead of thinking of them as pain-in-the-neck nuisances or frivolous expenses, we challenge you to think of your bra as a brave and beautiful act of self-care for the real world.

Author: Katie Joy Blanksma
Last updated on: 8/12/21
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