Ladies, we’ve all been there at one point; breast envy can be a real thing. Whether you want to fill out those tops perfectly or maybe deal with less back pain, sometimes a girl can want what she doesn’t have.

It doesn’t matter the size of your chest. There are positives and negatives to any size. So, what exactly are the perks of having a bigger chest? And why do some women long for smaller breasts? Let’s break it down.

Wanting What You Don’t Have

When it comes to selecting bras, finding the best fit is everything. Women come in many unique and beautiful shapes and sizes. However, that doesn’t mean that the best fit is easy to find. Size can be a blessing and a curse. Smaller breasted women have plenty of perks regarding wardrobe choice, physical stress, and finding the bra they need.

On the other hand, women with bigger chests may have an easier time filling out clothes. When it comes down to it, regardless of size, you may just have an advantage with what your mama gave you. So, what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of chest size?

Perks of Bigger Busts

For those ladies who long for bigger boobs or those who were blessed with larger ta-tas, there are some advantages. When it comes to clothing, a larger chest can make it easier to fill out tops. You won’t vanish behind the cloth when it comes to dresses and tops. A bigger chest can provide just the curves needed.

Physically, bigger breasts provide extra cushion and warmth on the body. Of course, the most obvious is the visual appeal and attraction. Larger breasts can grab attention, but that may not be a positive effect. Regardless, a lot of women would love to increase their breast size. However, having big breasts isn’t as glamorous as it seems.

Battle of the Big Boobs

When it comes to the downsides of having a big chest, most of them are physical. Bigger breasts mean more weight on your chest, which can have many negative side effects. Women with large breasts often experience neck, back, and shoulder pain regularly. In addition to body aches, working out can be a chore. With the extra weight, it can be more difficult to contain your breasts. And as years go on, gravity can be a cruel mistress resulting in some heavy sagging. There is such a thing as too big, and they can become a problem.

Of course, you can battle these issues with a good bra. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find a stylish, comfortable bra that has less padding. Plus, when it comes to plus-sized bras, the price tag is much higher. Bigger breasts may seem like a blessing, but there are plenty of pain points with a larger chest.

Smaller Can Be Better

Smaller breasts have some advantages. When it comes to filling up the lingerie drawer, women with smaller chests not only have a wider variety to choose from, but they also have plenty of price-friendly options. Lace, color, and fun designs are never lacking. And, if you don’t feel like wearing a bra, you don’t have to! Those with bigger chests don’t have that perk.

In a physical sense, smaller breasts don’t suffer as badly from gravity’s curse. There’s no dealing with the extra weight and mass, and it is way easier to carry them without the neck, shoulder, and back pain. Smaller breasts also tend to be more sensitive and can be less prone to breast cancer. While all these perks are great, there are some downsides to smaller chests.

Negatives of Smaller Sizes

When it comes to fit, it’s not always there. While smaller breasted women can sport a variety of fashionable pieces, they may not fit right. Women who are particularly “flat-chested” might struggle to find tops that work. Sometimes, you may have to get clothes tailored to fit.

Also, padding is almost a must. Any bra you get may need a little extra cushion to fill out outfits. It doesn’t stop with casual or everyday clothes. It can be difficult to find a sports bra that will fit properly. So, regardless of your chest size, there are bound to be some issues.

Loving What You Have

Whether you sport a B-cup or an H-cup, breast envy is a real thing. However, regardless of where you sit on the size spectrum, swapping breast sizes may not be as incredible as it seems. There are pros and cons to each size, and no matter what, you’ll always have to adapt your style.

The best way to combat any breast issues is to get a proper fitting and find the best bra for you. With the right bra, you can conquer the problems that come with your chest size and build your confidence. A great bra can offer support, comfort, and a physical and mental boost. Love yourself and your assets, and work what your mama gave you!

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