Types of Bras

Every woman should have a wardrobe of bras. Find out what kind of bras there are and what they should be used for.

Soft Cup/Wire-free Bras

A soft cup or wire-free bra is a bra that shapes the bust without underwires. Many times support band in the shape of a wire a used on the inside of the cup to give similar support as a wire bra does.


An underwire bra (also wire bra) is a bra that has a crescent shaped strip of material fitted into the bottom of each cup. The wire is either made of plastic or galvanized steel and it shapes and lifts the bust.


A bra made of fabric that can breathe and manage moisture. Generally there are two different sport bra designs: the compression bra and the encapsulation bra. The compression bra compresses the bust and the encapsulation bra shapes and supports each breast. For your complete sport bra guide visit www.glamorisesport.com


Minimizer bras can reduce your bust size by a full cup size, which is great for fuller busted women and minimizers also provide for a smoother look under clothes, so you don?t have to deal with buttons that pop open.


The T-shirt bra has a seamless molded bra cup that can be non-padded or padded. The seamless shape will provide you with the invisible look you want for T-shirts and figure hugging fashion.


Comfort bras or leisure bra\'s a made of comfy, often stretchy material which are great to wear around the clock, when you need something to hold up your bust but are not looking for ultra support. Comfort bras are also great as sleep bras.


Every woman\'s lingerie drawer needs a strapless bra. A strapless bra needs to stay put when you move around. This bra needs to be well constructed to avoid any kind of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and awkward fidgeting. The bra should fit snugly and both the top and the bottom and of the bra should be reinforced with silicone stripes to make sure the bra does not slip. The silicone strips will anchor the bra in place.


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