Easy On/Off Front-Close Underwire Bra

Style: 1245

  • Secure Front Closure

    An easy-to-reach clasp that holds in any bust size wear-after-wear.

  • Cushioned Underwire

    Designed so all you feel is the support — never the wire underneath.

  • Moisture Wicking

    Quick-drying fabric keeps you cool by pulling sweat up and away.

Details & Care

All the Support of a Wire, None of the Discomfort

At the intersection of convenience and comfort is this plus-size bra. The secure front clasp goes on and off in a pinch while the cushioned wire never gets close enough to pinch back.

  • WonderWire® design puts an extra layer of cushion between you and the wire.
  • Wide, cushioned straps adjust to your fit.
  • Side-bust enhancers shape smooth support from all sides
  • Lace coverage is both beautiful and breathable

Materials: 67% Polyamide 26% Polyester 7% Elastane
Care Instructions: Hand wash warm. Hang dry. Do not bleach.


What Makes WonderWire so Comfortable

  • 1. A cushioned inner band puts another layer of comfort between you and the underwire.
  • 2. A padded channel surrounds the underwire so all you feel is the support.
  • 3. No other wire feels this way because no other wire is made this way.
  • 4. The secure front-clasp closure goes on and off in a pinch.

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