Glamorise Sport Bramour

Our Team

Our product and design team has no equal. Most of our team has been with Glamorise for many years, and each one is a strong contributor to the proven Glamorise design ethos. Our design team is driven in their quest to make bras and shapewear that are not only comfortable and supportive but make you feel your best.

Linda: Lead Designer

Linda has been working with intimate apparel most of her life. She started her career as a bra fit model as a teenager, and has been involved in the design and fit of bras and shapers her whole life. She has been with Glamorise for almost 25 years.

Peri: Designer

Peri has been involved in bra design for over 15 years. As a designer for Glamorise, Peri is on a mission to make your favorite bra—everything has to look just right, and feel just right.

Beverly: Designer

A native of England, Beverly has been a bra designer for over 20 years. Beverly specializes in using materials in new ways that best serve the full figured consumer.

Rita: Technical Design Director

Rita has been a technical designer for over 25 years, and has been our director of technical design for more than a decade. It is Rita’s responsibility to make sure every Glamorise design fits perfectly, and delivers great support all day long.

Michael: Technical Designer

Michael has been working as a technical designer for over 20 years and his insight and skills have been central to the success of our designs. In fact, he has worked on every Glamorise design for the past two decades.

Steve: Pattern Designer

Steve is a relative rookie for Glamorise—he’s been a pattern designer for seven years. Steve is an expert in CAD pattern making, and is also well versed in traditional grading and design techniques.

Angela: Product Marketing

A native of Austria, Angela knows how to explain comfort in four languages. With 20 years in the industry, she has experience in all aspects of product marketing. For the past five years, she has led our product development strategy and implementation.

Harry: Materials Engineer

Harry has been in the intimate apparel industry for over 25 years. He is known industry wide for his unequalled understanding of how materials work in the real world. Harry is in charge of testing materials to make sure they give adequate support.

Becky: Product Engineer

Bra engineering is extremely technical work, and we are lucky that Becky brings her 15 years of experience to Glamorise. Every new garment must pass Becky’s review before it can be released to consumers.