Lingerie Glossary

Bra and intimate apparel terms explained in detail.

A foundation garment combining bra and girdle.
Narrow but flexible strips of metal or plastic used to stiffen and shape foundation garments.
Camisole Straps
The cups build up to become the strap, thereby creating a smooth shoulder line. Can be adjustable or nonadjustable in the back and are used more frequently on full figure bras.
A one-piece foundations garment for all over shaping with boning and power net or elastic side panels and a non-stretchable fabric front that encloses the waist.
A v-shaped stitched fold made in the process of sewing a garment to aid in shaping flat fabric to the contours of the body.
Foundation Garment
Any undergarment, such as bras and girdles, that provides breast support and shaping of the waist and hips.
An undergarment used to shape or mold the waist and hips and sometimes the legs. Usually made of elastic fabrics with or without non-stretchable panels, with or without garters.
A bra that extends to the waist or lower; frequently with added boning to control curves.
A bra designed to reduce cup projection. Ideal for full figured women or women who wish to reduce their bust line to achieve a more balanced silhouette, or to compliment a particular outfit.
Power Net
Elasticized fabric used for foundation garments. Made with nylon and spandex filament yarns.
Seamless bra
A bra made of stretch, knitted or molded fabric that lacks seams across the cup area, thus creating a smooth look under clothing.
Soft Cup Bra
Bras designed without an underwire.
Strapless bra
A bra held in place without shoulder straps. They frequently contain underwires, boning, elastic, or combinations of these.
A u-shaped plastic or metal strip sewn into a channel under the cup of the bra to add support, shaping features, or rigidity to the garment.
Body Briefer
A one piece garment that shapes your body and your bust.
Body Shaper
A one piece garment that shapes your body and your bust.
Sport Bra
A bra made of fabric that can breathe and manage moisture. Generally there are two different sport bra designs: the compression bra and the encapsulation bra. The compression bra compresses the bust and the encapsulation bra shapes and supports each breast.


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