How To Wash a Bra

It's important to take good care of your bras to get the most out of them. Find out how to properly wash them.

Step 1:
Close the clasp of the bra. If you leave the clasp open the little hooks have a tendency to get caught in the fabric of the bra or on other items in the wash.
Step 2:
Check the sewn in garment label for care information, sometimes this information is also printed directly onto the bra fabric. Always follow the care instructions for best results. We recommend to hand wash all wire bras.
Step 3:
Always use a lingerie bag when you wash your bra in the washing machine. Lingerie bags are made of net fabric and usually have a zipper to close the bag. The use of a lingerie bag will prevent snagging and you can wash the bra with other items in your washing machine. Lingerie bags are available for purchase in many drug stores and home good stores.
Step 4:
Wash the bra in cold or warm water on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. When you wash the bra with other items, make sure the colors of the other items are compatible. Wash white bras with white items, colored bras with similar colors, bright colors separate. In addition, pay attention to the fabric weight. Wash the bra with items that have a similar fabric weight. Do not wash a bra with towels and jeans since they are much heavier than a bra.
Step 5:
Remove the bra from the lingerie bag and open up the clasp. If the bra is molded or padded, reshape the bra to its original shape.
Step 6:
No matter if you hand wash or machine wash, always hang the bra on a rack or clothes line to air dry. Never put a bra in the dryer, since the heat of the dryer will damage the elastic fabrics in a bra.
Some More Tips:
  • Never use bleach when you wash your bra. Bleach will destroy the fabrics in the garment and can also discolor the bra
  • Always hang up your bra to line dry. Most bras will air dry over night.
  • Make sure to check the garment label on the inside of the bra to see if there are special care instructions listed
  • Wash your lighter colored bras separate from the darker colored bras
  • Bras do not need to be ironed, any kind of heat (from an iron or the dryer) will damage the fibers and shorten the life span of your bra


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