Fit Solutions

Did you ever wonder why a wire pinches or a strap slips, find out here and see our solutions.

Bra rides up in back
Adjust hook and eye closure to tighten, loosen straps or try a smaller band size
Band digs in
Choose one band size larger or opt for a bra with a wider band
Sides bulge
Choose one band size larger or choose a style that provides more cup coverage
Cups overflow
Choose one cup size larger or one band size larger
Sore shoulders
Loosen straps or opt for a bra with wider or padded straps
Bustline sags
Shorten straps, check cup size, avoid stretchy fabrics or choose a firmer support style with rigid straps
Underwires poke or stand away
Try smaller cup size and same band size, try unbanded wired bra or bra with no wires (may not work for petite)
Straps slip
Tighten straps or opt for a larger band size and smaller cup and fit bra on tightest hook & eye adjustment


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