If you’re one who tends to close your bra in the front and spin it around, or if you just want to stop having to reach behind your back, there’s a solution. Enter the front hook bra.

Front hook bras fasten in the center of your chest making it much easier to close. This can be a huge plus for someone who struggles to reach their back or has any kind of arm or shoulder mobility issues.

How do front closure bras work? 

Depending on the style, front closure bras either have a hook-and-eye closure just like back closure bras, or a single plastic or metal clasp. Make sure you buy a quality bra with a secure clasp. This is no time for a wardrobe malfunction!

Why do most bras hook in the back?

Bras that hook in the back may seem like something that could’ve only been invented by someone who never had to wear one, but there is a practical reason for them.

Back hooks allow for multiple rows which allow you to adjust your bra tighter as they age and stretch. 

This is why when shopping for a bra you should always base your fit off of the last set of hooks. If you have to tighten it from the start you’ll have nothing left to adjust to when it inevitably stretches.

How do you wear a bra with a front hook? 

One of the best things about a front-hook bra is how easy they are to put on. Simply put your arms through the straps and position the closure in the center of your chest.  

If it’s a hook-and-eye closure secure each hook starting at either the top or bottom, whatever is most comfortable for you. For a single clasp closure slide the pin into the opposite side and snap closed.

Bend forward a bit to make sure that your breasts are properly positioned in the cups. Check the back of your bra and make sure that the band is even.

Also, check that the straps are tight enough but not so tight that they dig into your shoulders or start to pull the back of your bra higher.  

How do you take off a front closure bra?

Unhook or undo the clasp in the front and remove the straps one at a time. Try not to stretch it any more than necessary to help extend the life of your bra.

Why have a front closure bra?

What are the benefits of a bra with a front closure as opposed to a bra that closes in the back? 

  1. A smooth look under tight-fitting clothing. Front hook bras are great for creating a smooth back. Not having the bumps from traditional hook-and-eye closures in the back lends to a smoother look.
  2. Bras that close in the front are great for low or plunging necklines.
  3. Convenience. These bras are easy to put on and easy to take off. For people with mobility issues of any kind, this is a huge plus.
  4. There are many styles to choose from. Choose from lace, racerback, t-shirt, push-up or a casual lounge bra.
  5. Figure flattering. Bras that close in the front smooth the back and eliminate bumps and rolls.
  6. Cleavage. Clasp closures typically bring the breasts closer together creating a sexy look.

What is the best front closure bra?

When choosing a front closure bra, think about the level of support that you’d like.

Front closures that use hooks tend to offer more support than those that close with a single clasp. Also, think about whether or not you want an underwire.

Here are just a few of our options: 

  • The MagicLift Front-Close Support Bra features hook-and-eye closures with multiple settings, padded straps for added comfort, and shape, lift and support thanks to the MagicLift design.
  • The Front-Close T-Back WonderWire Bra uses an easy to reach clasp instead of hook-and-eye closures and is great for low necklines. Cushioned underwire gives both comfort and support while the T style back prevents straps from slipping.
  • The WonderWire Front-Close Bra also features an easy to reach front clasp. It also has wide, cushioned straps and moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • If comfort is the first thing on your list, check out the Front-Close Cotton T-Back Comfort Bra. Instead of molded cups, it features self-adjusting cups made from a soft, stretchy fabric. It’s perfect for changing or uneven sizes. It also has a hook-and-eye closure and T-back straps.
  • For a look that’s undeniably sexy, look no further than the Bramour Brooklyn Bra. Specially made for sizes starting at 40C, it has a secure front clasp and a beautiful floral lace design. Supportive and comfortable it goes from day to night effortlessly.

See our full selection of front-close bras for additional options.

For comfort, ease, and versatility every woman should have at least one front-hook bra in their collection.

Remember, there are many styles to choose from, so try a few and find the ones that work best for you.

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