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Wearing the Wrong Full Figure Bra Can Harm You

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 8:25:00 PM
Wearing the Wrong Full Figure Bra Can Harm You

There’s no denying it - that feeling of relief when you arrive home and finally have the chance to unclasp your bra and kick back for the night is a cherished moment that every woman looks forward to. Most likely, the discomfort felt while wearing your bra comes from how it was designed and then fitted. A poorly designed, uncomfortable full figured bra can actually be bad for your health. To follow are some potential health issues that can arise from wearing the wrong full figure bra.

Back/Neck Pain

As a curvy woman, support in a full figure bra is crucial. A bra that does not adequately support your breasts can cause pulling on the upper back muscles. Misaligned straps can dig into skin and this pulling can lead to pinched nerves in both your neck and back pain.

Digestion Issues

A too tight bra presses on your upper rib cage, at the exact place where your stomach lies. A continuous pressure on your diaphragm, can force your digestive system to work harder. Heartburn and Irritable Bowel Syndrome can occur as a result of unnecessary pressure on your upper abdomen.

Breathing Problems

Your lungs need to expand in order to get enough oxygen to carry it throughout your body. When your rib cage is constricted due to a tight bra band, the upper portion of your lungs becomes unable to expand enough to fully inhale the needed oxygen. Over time, damage can result.

Skin Problems

Material that is too tight (or too rough) can cause chafing on your shoulders and under your bra band. This chafing leads to raw, painful welts and marks that can make movement difficult. A tight band will trap oil, moisture, and bacteria which can also lead to rashes and skin infections.

A Great Bra Is About Design, Quality & Fit

A properly designed and fitted bra should hold you firmly without binding or slipping. Look for a full-figured bra that:

  • Utilizes non-molded, sewn cups - sewn cups can be engineered to provide more support than a molded one-piece cup
  • Has bands that are engineered to stay in place and don’t ride up
  • Has comfortable, wide cushioned straps that don't leave red marks
  • Incorporates quality materials that don’t wrinkle or gap
  • Is designed not to leave you hanging out top, bottom or on the sides
  • Allows you to move comfortably

Calculating The Right Bra Size

Your bust changes size over time so it is a good practice to calculate bra size every time you buy a new bra, especially if it has been a while since your last purchase. The best way to find out your ideal size is to visit a high-end lingerie shop and have a professional do the measurements for you. A second option would be to do it yourself using a good online bra size calculator.

Looking Good. Feeling Good.

Wearing a beautiful bra that fits you perfectly will have you feeling confident in how you look. There’s no need to expend negative energy distracted by discomfort when you could be enjoying “you” and the company and activities around you. Take the time to get a well-designed and perfectly fitting full figure bra - it's well worth the health benefits.


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