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Boudoir Makeup & Lingerie Tips for Curvy Women

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 8:21:00 PM
Boudoir Makeup & Lingerie Tips for Curvy Women

Wearing beautiful lingerie can make any curvy woman feel sexy. When you’re dressed in the best, why not play up your face and hair to enhance your presentation? Be it full on diva, or fresh faced and bare, in the end, you're in charge and there are no set-in-stone rules. Here are some ideas for inspiration to create your very own kind of sexy looks for boudoir makeup and lingerie pairing!

Stylish Boudoir Makeup for Vintage Lingerie Looks

A vintage inspired plus size bra with iridescent lace cups paired with a blazer and pants look amazing on curvy women. With this look, consider a very defined eye and classic lips—

  • Use black liquid eyeliner and extend beyond your upper lashes for that cat look. Curl lashes and add mascara for drama.
  • For lips, try a true red. Choose a red wine, scarlet red or reddish brown lip color, depending upon your skin tone and hair color. Start with lip liner then fill in, since vintage lips are typically well defined. That’s your retro-glam lingerie look for the evening!

Emphasize those Eyes…


For the curvy vixen look try sultry, smokey eyes with dark red lips. Styled hair or slicked back for effect.

  • Try 4-part color for deep, soulful eyes. Choose 4 shades of your favorite hue such as gold or plum. Use the lightest shade for a twinkle at the inner corner of your eye and to highlight and elevate the brow bone. Apply the second-deepest shade from lash-line to eye crease. Use the second lightest tint at the outer corners, then line lashes with the darkest shade. Perhaps try false eyelashes as well.
  • Dot a bit of gloss at the center of the lid for a spectacular shine that shows up even in candlelight.
  • Define your brows. Whether you like them thin and meticulously plucked or thick, intense and natural, fill in any sparse spots and darken them a bit. Brows have a big role in defining the whole eye area, so make them stellar.
  • Blush below cheekbones to accentuate your bone structure, and shade just below the jawline for further definition.
  • Sexy red lips. With eyes this vibrantly augmented, use dark red lipstick with staying power. Make sure to line them perfectly for definition.

Natural Looking Plump Lips and Rosey Cheeks


For a more youthful innocent look, go for the natural look with sexy tousled hair.

  • Pick a light pink lipstick, stain or gloss. Try dotting lipstick or stain on with a finger for runway style that will still look great when it gets kissed off, then gloss on top.
  • Cheeks. Add just a small amount of blush to the apple of your cheeks.
  • On eyes, less is more. Medium brown shadow in your eyelid creases. Do curl your lashes, mascara and smudge dark brown liner along the upper lid lash line. Extensions may make mascara optional and most technicians advise against waterproof mascara for extensions. Define those brows, of course.

Whether you're seeking an underwire plus size bra that fits and flatters your full figure or a luscious lace bralette that seductively enhances your curves, your makeup and hair can help you complete the allure!


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